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    Simply Click Here which will take you to the registration page. You can register for free online Quran classes with our online Quran teachers just by filling in your name and contact information.
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    Upon receiving your registration, We will contact you back to set your convenience time for you for Free Quran Trial Classes and give you overview about our Quran teaching process.
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Why choose
Learn Qura'an

We take a responsibility for good results. We take you step by step with yourchildren at the
highest level to learn to read the Quran online with tajweed. The comfort of home and your selected timing supervision of parents and guidance of expert Quran Teachers makes online
Quran learning a lot easier.Therefore you can rely on us.

  • 3 days free trial classes
  • Your desired timings & days
  • Tajweed Quran word by word
  • Female Quran Teachers for kids and women
  • Monthly assessment of children progress
  • Fluent English speaking male and female Quran teachers
  • Student Web portal for lessons and learning material

Islamic Courses That We Offer

Embark on your journey with us into the world of Islam and Quran Kareem.
In Sha Allah!

Our courses are designed keeping in mind the age, and abilities of learners. We have special courses for kids and for beginners in which they start from Norani Qaida which is best guide to start learning the reading of Quran. We do special emphasis on Tajweed rules from start. From the first day, the teacher helps student to pronounce the word in correct pronunciations so that when they move forward they recite in Tajweed intuitively. In Quran reading course, online Quran tutors teaches Quran word by word. We are well aware of the fact that online teaching is different from teaching in person so all our Quran courses are 1 to 1 to make sure student is paying attention to his lessons. Our courses include Norani Qaida, Quran Reading, Advance Tajweed , Translation of Quran, Tafseer, Quran Memorization, and Arabic classes. We also include Salah, Kalimas, Hadeeth and Dua's for kids in their courses.

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